Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lair of the Evil Doer Review

Made from the same dev as DLC Quest. What to say about this game. FUN. Seriously though, it is a front angled top down styled shooter with some RPG elements. The GFX themselves are simple yet very elegant. He went for a cartoon style of animation this time around then the pixelated retro style he used for DLC Quest. The sounds are very fitting and are spot on with gameplay. Controls are your typical AWSD movement and the mouse aims.

Basically you are an experiment that went wrong and then became defiant against it's master. Throughout the game the scientist (Evil Doer) mocks you and puts you down as being the worst experiment and other similar cut downs which lead to the games humor. The action itself is tons of fun, enemies you kill drop different variations of weapons which adds to the RPG element along with the leveling system that allows you to put points into gun strength, accuracy, and other common attributes. The game is not long but it does provide a good length of gameplay considering the low cost of $1.99.

The replay value is also pretty good considering that the levels are randomly generated each time you play through. You can find the game here ::