Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DLC Quest Review

This is a very simplistic game that is more a joke than a game. quick run down of what it is,
-Retro style GFX
-Retro style Sound FX
-Side Scroller style gameplay.
-Story is just a very simple princess needs rescued story for the sake of having a reason for the game.
-This games sole purpose is making fun of DLC (Downloadable Content).

Now the fun part of the game.
It is a coin collecting game that as you get the coins you can purchase DLC to bring in new features. For example, when you start the game there are no sounds and you can only jump and move right. After collecting enough coins you can then talk with an NPC to "buy" the Control Pack which gives you full control over your character. You can also purchase the Sound Pack and Double Jump Pack. of course there are more than just those but I list those to give an example of how this game is trying to make fun of DLC based games.

It plays for about 30 - 40 minutes and is a fun little gem worth playing through at least once and the Dev has released a few other good games so to show your support. One of his other games is Lair of the Evil Doer which is going to be my next review, but it is also a very good game. The game studio is Going Loud Studios and the game is $1.99. http://goingloudstudios.com/ if you want to find out more about the studio and their games

Evil Quest Review

Here we go, as I promised a while ago lets go over a few pretty fun games that I recently played and enjoyed. Evil Quest will be the first.

Story Line: Well needless to say you actually play a bad guy in this one bent on destroying the world. I will not actually give any of the story away but needless to say it is a very interesting twist than your average RPG. Although I will say that it is very entertaining and kept my interest.

Gameplay: This is set up like an action RPG. You move your character around dodging enemy attacks and timing your actual attacks to hit your enemies. You can master melee and or magical attacks. I chose to go as a battle mage per se. They are very responsive and I did not notice anything really wrong with them.

GFX: They are well done for retro SNES style. The over all look is actually close to the old school SNES RPGs like Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy series. Nothing super special but it all wraps up very nicely. The bosses look sweet and most of the enemies look cool also.

Sound FX: Standard sounds but nothing that will turn you away from the game itself. They all fit in with the way the whole package is presented.

Overall: The game was very fun and enjoyable, the boss fights were awesome. The story was entertaining and the controls made it easy to enjoy the creation. Go to http://chaosoftgames.com/ to learn more. It is $1.99 through Desura and is well worth the low cost and even more.

Chaosoft Games, well made game and props to the fun twist on the character. Keep up the excellent work.

DLC Quest will be the next review.


Monday, April 23, 2012


I have actually been super busy with Tik Tok Tank and have not yet gotten to writing those reviews yet. I am off from work on both Wed and Thurs, so I will write short reviews for Evil Quest, Lair of the Evil Doer, DLC Quest and Serious Sam 3. Like I said they will be short and sweet and hoping to hit where they need to be.

Nonulok and I are making some fantastic progress with our game and all in all, it should be seeing the light of day really soon.

Well see you all wed.