Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trine = Uber Awesome

Finally finished the game and all I can say is wow. Amazing fiery tale like story told through a narrative style in between levels. The GFX are better than any Disney movie ever once again giving a very enchanted/fairy tale feeling. The controls are straight forward and easy to learn and use. The sounds are spot on as far as sound can go. Music is just awesome and feels like it should be there. This is something I usually turn off in games but in this game it was such a pleasant blend. The puzzles involved and straight on platforming action was just the right mix to keep you intrigued.

For story and some better game description just click here.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fable III = Amazing

I am going to make this one short because there is just too much involvement in what this game is to cover everything in great detail. Lets start off first by saying. NEVER played Fable I or Fable II so I can not compare how this is to those. I am solely judging this game by my experience with this game.

1. Action RPG. Third person sword/axe battles, can get a glove to cast spells, and can get a gun (rifle/pistol) for ranged. Can upgrade weapons from tokens you get from being nice to people, doing deeds/quests.

2. You can interact with town residents and villagers that remember your interactions with them. In return they will bring you gifts and stuff if they are your friend. You can improve your interaction options the same way you upgrade weapons with the tokens. You can even marry and have kids in this game/buy a home for them etc.

3. You can purchase real estate to rent to villagers or to have for yourself. You can Make money through renting out to people, working (as bard, pie maker, or blacksmith.. these are done as mini games) and by just questing and finding treasure.

4. The main quest line itself in kinda short for a RPG but all in all with all the different things you can do, there is a lot of time to spend and alot of different types of fun to be had in this game.

5. Controls. Overall they are very good. some commands did not make much sense at first but once you get used to them, they are very easy to use. GFX are excellent and the sounds are very rich.

Over all I really do not like to rate games because everyone finds the same thing to be of total opposite values, so I find it pointless. But I will say that I myself am having a blast with this game and would recommend it to adventurers, possibly even The Sims lovers because of the character interaction pieces. I do not believe this game to be a hardcore RPG or to the caliber of Gothic or any of the Elder Scrolls but like I said earlier, a fun game with lots to keep you busy. Check it out here.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Trine Review

Short telling of an awesome game called Trine.

It's Indie, it's light on PC requirements, it's GFX are amazing, the controls are rock solid, an excellent puzzle physics based platformer with tons of good action and puzzles. The story is great. The over all feel of the game is enchanted and fresh. The game itself isn't too long but long enough to get a really good game play out of it. I would guesstamate between 5 - 8 hours depending on how good you are at an average game. Also this game can be found on Steam with some really good deals from time to time. It is $20 with out specials which is very worth the cost. check it out here

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yesterday and This Morning

Today I have a few PCs to work on.., first 1... Blown motherboard, very old PC.... I then heard funeral march.... Eh, it happens. The other big one is installing new hard drive, re-install Windows XP. Overall it is a very nice PC. (YAY)

Lesser Geek Talk :: Video Games

This game is amazing, super sweet and endless in fun filled possible things to do. First of all, it is like the old school 2D platformers from the late 80's / early 90's era. You start off with a wooden sword I think and a pickaxe and another tool that I forget since it has been a while since I started a new character in that game. You then go out exploring, digging for different ores and fighting things like little blob creatures and such depending on what type of area you are in. It explores kinda like Metroid and Castlevania 2 except the giant world you are in gets randomly built when you first start the game. The way you dig ... mine... is kinda like minecraft, but I do say that loosely because overall they both are not even alike enough to say "clone" of any sort. The ore you mine allows you to upgrade you weapons, armor, and make things for your house after you build it.

Anyway, the point is. Great game, $10, endless old school fun, always being updated with new stuff = Awesome game. check it out here. Watch the video, it shows better than I can explain.

Have also been playing this lately, Avadon: The Black Fortress. A cool old school style RPG kinda like Icewind Dale. More on that later.

Will post something new a little later. leave comments and tell me how this was and how I can make it better... THX


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Post

I have typed so many for the game (DooM 2D) that I thought I would actually dedicate one that is other stuff non dev related. so here it is and more on this later