Friday, December 16, 2011

Lord of the Rings Online

In between deving DooM 2D and playing Terraria I have been trying to get back into LOTRO my all time favorite game. I am having fun with it again and I am really glad that I started to play it again. My kin (guild in most other MMOs) has changed a little as in having alot of new faces. All my old friends are still there having a great time and it was awesome to chill out in game with them all over again.

The last update, Rise of Isengard, changed some of the stats in the way that they function so I find myself changing my play style just a little to follow where those changes brought us. It actually made the game a little more exciting since medium armor now feels more like medium armor. (I play a hunter)

Well more stuff later.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Nation Red

Well for starters, zombie games are not really my type of game (with only very few exceptions) but I will state that after playing this for about 2 hours or so I finished up all 18 of the challenge/campaign style missions. The game is pretty much set up like so.

You spawn in a small boxed off area and zombie spawns attack, they will drop random power ups and weapons. Fend off all zombies and move onto next area.

Sounds boring but in short play bursts and the fact it is co-op = tons of fun when you need a quick fix of action. The controls are very solid, the weapons are very satisfying and the GFX are well done. The game itself is very inexpensive which makes it a good buy. I picked it up as a Steam special for $2.50.

some more fun stuff soon.....