Friday, January 27, 2012

Watchmen – The End is Neigh : Pt1 & 2

The game was an in expensive purchase from Steam and I was looking at it for a little. Finally picked it up and gave it a try. First impression. GFX are impressive for a low costing game. Controls are very responsive and combos are also very easy. Story was a good and kept you playing to get to the next level. It was repetitive, but 1 thing I always say about Hack N’ Slash or Beat Em’ Up games is that you already know this going in and you are already into games that play like this. There are some puzzles to be solved to mix a little up. You can play as either Night Owl or as Rorschach. The game is co-op multi and when playing single player the other character is controlled by AI, which actually plays well.

I will say that the game reminded me of a more brutal (and shorter) version of the Batman Arkham Asylum game which by all means is actually a big compliment towards this game. So for what it’s worth, I enjoyed the game. Cheap price tag, Good short story (Both games combined are roughly 6-8 hours). And the controls were rock solid.

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