Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Evil Quest Review

Here we go, as I promised a while ago lets go over a few pretty fun games that I recently played and enjoyed. Evil Quest will be the first.

Story Line: Well needless to say you actually play a bad guy in this one bent on destroying the world. I will not actually give any of the story away but needless to say it is a very interesting twist than your average RPG. Although I will say that it is very entertaining and kept my interest.

Gameplay: This is set up like an action RPG. You move your character around dodging enemy attacks and timing your actual attacks to hit your enemies. You can master melee and or magical attacks. I chose to go as a battle mage per se. They are very responsive and I did not notice anything really wrong with them.

GFX: They are well done for retro SNES style. The over all look is actually close to the old school SNES RPGs like Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy series. Nothing super special but it all wraps up very nicely. The bosses look sweet and most of the enemies look cool also.

Sound FX: Standard sounds but nothing that will turn you away from the game itself. They all fit in with the way the whole package is presented.

Overall: The game was very fun and enjoyable, the boss fights were awesome. The story was entertaining and the controls made it easy to enjoy the creation. Go to http://chaosoftgames.com/ to learn more. It is $1.99 through Desura and is well worth the low cost and even more.

Chaosoft Games, well made game and props to the fun twist on the character. Keep up the excellent work.

DLC Quest will be the next review.


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