Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Home Review

As I promised here is a nice little batch of reviews.

Home, a story adventure game by Benjamin Rivers. Gameplay is very simple. Left and right arrows move you, up arrow holds your light source a little higher …. pretty straight forward. So what is the game? Let me answer that. The game starts off by your character waking up in a strange house and can not remember what happened previous. The rest is obvious .. explore your surroundings, make decisions about if you keep items or let them be. Play out the story and have a hauntingly good time.

Gameplay : 10 – Very simple controls.
Graphics : 7 – Very simple pixel art with a very cool filter to give it that creepy edge.
Sound : 8 – Keeps you engaged and kinda creeped out.
Length : 1:30 – 2 Hours
Price : $2.99
Recommendation : Definitely, if you enjoy a nice little story with out demanding controls or game play, this is for you...

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