Friday, November 11, 2011

Nothing Special.

Well still playing War in the North a little. Nonulok and I are going through in Co-Op mode little at a time since his PC is running into weird issues with it. We both picked up a copy of Hunted : Demon Forge which is Co-Op for 2 people. Have not yet played it but it looks like a sweet concept.

Have Windows 8 on my Dev machine (which seems like a winner) and on my gaming rig (switching back over tonight). Windows 8 in all is really sweet, it has better performance, a really good flow and feel of things. But gaming wise especially fast paced games that the mouse looks around and you do not have a curser, a very bad combo. The mouse will get stuck on the edge and kinda just leave you either sitting there or take you back to the desktop in the middle of a fight. A couple times and it would not be so bad, but it caused me to die too many times to waive it off. Oh well, so it goes.

Picked up BlueRay Lord of the Rings Extended, that will be fun to watch. I am actually writing down ideas on how I will present my experiences creating a game through all free software. More details on that soon. I am actually going to have alot of fun with that and I hope that you guys (and ladies) will enjoy it also. My plan is too actually walk you all through the creation of the new Ground Zero Engine that I will be working on for one of Nonulok's and I's new projects. It is still a 2D engine but will contain tons of great features. I will not be handing out all the source code but examples of certain parts for all you up and coming game makers.

Well thats it for now....


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