Monday, November 28, 2011


That's right, I feel meself some RAGE.

Rage is the newest game from legendary ID. It is a futuristic FPS that takes place after a giant meteor hits Earth. So far the story seems OK, Haven't played it long enough to really reveal all that much. Unlike their past titles, this one plays out open worldish with missions assigned to you by NPCs. That portion seems well laid out considering it is their first at a style of game like this. The enemies with their speech and animations when shot and killed seem very life like until they actually fall onto the ground dead. Some stiffness there but over all very believable. Controls are also very responsive.

I will state that I am an ID fanboy (per se) and I buy and usually love all their games. Now as far as this game goes, the engine itself which will power DooM 4 when released is very solid and gorgeous. As far as Rage is concerned, it really is not the first of any kind of genre, so you may feel been there, done that, but as a game goes, I personally am having fun with it and I would recommend this game if you like semi open world FPSs.

I will have more to say about this game after a bit more gameplay but for now, 2 thumbs up.


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