Friday, March 2, 2012

Blue-ray Goodness

OK, so for a while now I have had a blue-ray player for my PC. All good, right? yeah and no. I have had, software wise, Win DVD and Power DVD, both great programs for DVD, but appearently the way they test your system for Blue-ray compatibility they test for video drivers that they have tested. meaning as soon as your video card's drivers get updated and you update, your Blue-rays will not play correctly (stutter like hell) until either company decides to test their software against the new drivers. This gets very old, especially with gamers. Arcsoft has an excellent solution called TotalMedia Theatre. Right now they are on version 5 and it works awesome.I played a Blue-ray in PowerDVD (which stuttered like crazy) then played it in TotalMedia. To my surprise it played flawless. A win for me.

Next note. They still support (very little) HD DVD, which I have quite a few of those. Once again a win for me. I do not really try to be a spokes person for companies but I had so many issues and time spent in why my system would not play Blue-ray correctly and now that I have the answer I just want to help anyone else that maybe experiencing the same issue. As this happens with both Nvidia and ATI (AMD) cards this may be very helpful. And for those that still have HD DVD there is still hope of playing those beautiful high quality discs.

Some games that will be reviewed in the near future. Serious Sam 3 and Serious Sam Double D. and a few others.


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