Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just a Small off Topic Post

Well, still trying to write up a review on 3 awesome games, Evil Quest, DLC Quest, and Lair of the Evil Doer. All very good games I may add.

This may be more a steam blog. So do not mind me too much. Over all "friends" can sometimes really suck. For multiple reasons. Like they do not bother with you until they need something, or they only show you some interest when you mention about them in a positive manner. It's a shame really, cause these are after all people you would like to call your friends.

I am glad however that between my wife and my two biggest friends of all time I have enough support to carry me through with getting Enguised Studios off the ground. Just so happens one of those friends is a partner in this company with me.

Small rant sorry, and hope everyone has a very enjoyable week and please check out the games I mentioned above. they are fun little Indie Games worth their little charge. You can find them @ ....


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