Sunday, March 4, 2012

Serious Sam Double D

Well what is there to say.......

If you ever played Serious Sam before (1st Encounter, 2nd Encounter or Serious Sam 2) then you kinda know what Serious Sam is all about, kicking ass and taking names alot later. Well SS Double D is a side scroller from a smaller Indie company than CroTeam (the ones that do all the FPS games). Well what they do is bring you the crazy, tons of enemy attacks and humor found in SS but make it 2D instead. The GFX are hand drawn beauty, sound effects are awesome, controls are very responsive and gameplay very addictive.

So is there any short coming in this release??? Yes, small and not so game breaking but yes. They try to make the over whelming aspect of enemies on screen at once happen just like in the 3D FPS games. Well it works and doesn't all at the same time. The major thing is that they either are coming from the left or right, so in most cases you can mow them down fairly quickly before they become too much of a threat. Like I said, not really game breaking but just a short coming from how they can use it in the 3D FPS games.

There are however 2 amazing things about this game. Bosses, and the Gun Stacker.

The bosses are beyond sick and 2D always has awesome bosses when done right, and they do them better than right. All of the enemies and bosses are fun and creative.

The Gun Stacker allows you to stack multiple guns onto each other (6 I believe total) at a time so you are using them all at once. Shooting a missile while shooting a shotgun and Tommy gun is just a sic experience. You collect the guns and find the stackers and then you can stack them.

So over all I will rate this game as well worth the purchase cost and guaranteed to burn through some hours while you enjoy some mass carnage.

Serious Sam 3 review coming soon.....


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