Thursday, April 7, 2016

Board Games Happened

     Can’t put an exact date on it but my wife and I started playing board games. And when I say play I mean a lot. It started with Betrayal and Pandemic. We then went out to buy Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert. Those four games gave us tons of fun but we kept getting new ones for different themes, play styles and mechanics. Since I love minis, I was attracted to games like the D&D Adventure System and Descent: Journeys Into the Dark. We even came to love some zombie survival games like Zombies!!!, Zombiecide and Last Night on Earth.

     We have a great amount of fun with our new found love and I will be writing more about our play throughs, adventures and our near survivals. I will also go over and show pics of the terrain I have created and minis that I paint. Sorry I will not go into that too much right now but I want to give all of you the basic direction I will start to go into with this blog. Music and video games will still happen, but I believe that my creativity went a little more towards board games and mini creation.

Thank You all for reading  J

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