Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Some Good Games -UnPlugged-

   Hello all the great people that read these entries, let’s talk about a few board games that I have fallen in love with. I will summarize in this post and then spend the next couple of posts in detail about each game.

   Last Night On Earth – Not much of a zombie fan but I must admit that this game does a great job at creating an 80’s zombie flick into a board. The way they did all the visuals for the game and all of the filler text for the scenarios are campy like an 80’s flick and it feels good. You have a zombie player and 1-4 players that play as the heroes. The mechanics I feel are fun to play on both ends. The minis for the heroes and zombies look great.

   Zombies!!! – I know, another zombie game. Pros. This game is inexpensive and comes with a ton of minis. 6 heroes and 100 zombies to be exact. The game itself is fun, very open to being modded easily and has a lot of fun expansions that add a lot of replay value to the game.

   Descent: Journeys In The Dark – Solid game mechanics, well told story for scenarios, amazing minis for all the heroes and monsters. This is a great example of an RPG in a box. Each time you play it does feel epic and whether you as the heroes succeed or fail the story still goes on but does change depending on each outcome. Price point it’s not too bad but still is a little pricey. Descent also has a lot of expansions that give new stories, heroes and enemies.

Like I said, I will go over these in better detail in a few days.

Thanks again for reading J

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