Monday, April 18, 2016

DooM the Board Game

     A very fun and mini heavy game. DooM the Board Game. Plays like the first revision of Descent: Journeys into the Dark. In matter of fact, DooM was Fantasy Flights first game that featured those mechanics. People loved how it played so they then made a new IP that they owned and set it in the Runebound (another fantastic game) fantasy world.

     Back to DooM, the game plays 3 marines trying to survive a host of demons and zombies that are controlled by a demon lord per se. Not going to talk too much about the mechanics this time around but did want to state that I will be playing through the game and turning the events into a written story. The game features 10 scenarios so I will make it like 10 chapters. I believe this will be a fun little project and can not wait to let you the readers enjoy the finished product and tell me what you think.

See You Soon


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